How To Expect The Unexpected: A Flooded Basement


How To Expect The Unexpected: A Flooded Basement

While flooding may be an unexpected act of nature, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for it. According to Water Damage Defense, nearly 98% of basements in America will experience some kind of water damage. So what can you do to protect your home or property in the event of severe weather? 

Make Sure You Gut The Gutters

A good way to eliminate the potential flooding of your basement actually starts at the top of your home with its gutters! Since gutters capture and redirect rainwater away from your home, it’s important to keep them functioning properly so water doesn’t pool and overly saturate the ground next to your home. If this happens, water will begin to drain even faster into the ground and, potentially, into your basement. 

Sump Pump It Away!

Sump pumps can be a lifesaver in the event of a flood since they do the work for you by pumping out excess water into the nearest sewer or retention pond. So, if you don’t have one you should make the investment! Already have one? Make sure it’s working properly because the last thing you need is to find out it’s broken when your basement is knee deep in water. 

Seal It Out

Making sure your basement is properly sealed will reduce the likelihood that water will enter your basement space. If your basement has windows, making sure they are professionally sealed and weatherproofed will save you money and headaches down the road. Also be sure to inspect your home’s foundation or basement walls for any small cracks or openings. A small crack can make for a big mess since it’s an easy access point for water to infiltrate your home or property. 

Flooring That Will Last Forever

Making sure you install flooring that can withstand moisture is a simple way to avoid complete disaster should your basement get a little (or a lot) of water. Avoid materials such as carpet and hardwood and opt for manmade materials like tile, vinyl or engineered flooring as they don’t absorb water and harbor moisture and bacteria. 


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