Mold v.s. Your Health


Mold v.s. Your Health

Mold. What a sinister word isn’t it? Almost makes your skin crawl just thinking about it and its fuzzy, nightmarish appearance. What’s worse than mold itself is the effects it can have on just about any living being’s health. The most dangerous type of mold is Black Mold and there are a number of reasons for its bad reputation. Here are a few reasons why black mold is as scary as it sounds:


Black Mold is a Neurotoxin 

What’s a neurotoxin you might ask? Well, it’s an agent that attaches to the mechanical mechanisms in your brain called neurons which seriously affects your mental ability and all bodily functions. Black Mold spores are a pretty dangerous neurotoxin.


The Damage Can be Irreversible

Just because the problem has been eliminated and removed does not mean your symptoms will no longer remain. Things like a weakened immune system and sensitivity to mold can persist for the rest of your lifetime. 


Suffering From a Number of Symptoms

Don’t just dismiss your constant throat clearing or obnoxious sniffles for allergies, the real cause behind these symptoms may actually be black mold. These aren’t the only symptoms, the full range includes fatigue, headaches, seizure, tremors, mood swings, confusion, fever, eye irritation, sneezing, rashes, coughing, bleeding of the lungs, and sometimes death.


It Can Kill

Obviously the scariest effect of Black Mold is death. If exposed to Black Mold long enough it damages your brain, organs and immune system ultimately resulting in death.


If these health effects aren’t enough to make you call Water Damage Experts for a mold inspection what is? Contact Us today to make sure you and your family are safe from the effects of Black Mold.


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